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Winter looks to keep your flower girls warm!

As winter sets in across the land of Oz, the dream of summer days is already a distant memory. If you have opted for a magical winter wedding but worry about the temperature, fear not, we have some tips that will keep your little flower girls snug as a bug without compromising on style!

Choose a long sleeve dress

Duchess Alexia Dress from

Gone are the days of the puffy dorky sleeves we experienced as children of the 90’s. Think beautiful soft lace or stretchy sheer sleeves. These are the most popular choices for brides when it comes to selecting the long sleeve flower girl dress. There are plenty of options out there, you just need to look in the right places. Be sure that the material is soft on the arms and won’t be scratchy and irritate her through the day. She won’t be able to take it off as easily as a jacket!

Tights, Tights, Tights

It may seem old school, but a beautiful pair of woollen or nylon tights will go a long way with keeping her warm. You can opt for white or even a nude if you don’t want it to impact the look too much. If she is wearing a floor length flower girl dress, you can even let her wear a pair of leggings underneath so she can easily take them off if she gets too hot.

Fluff it up!

There isn’t many more things cosier than wearing a fluffy jacket! There are so many options to choose from and can be bought at a reasonable price. They are readily available in white or ivory and come in sleeved or sleeveless vest designs. If a faux fur isn’t quite your thing (or hers) than a classic traditional cardigan will blend in beautifully. In winter, they are in abundance in the shops and online and you can usually find ones with pearl or beaded details. Alternately, what could be more adorable than a lovely cream winter coat? Hold the chocolate!

Jumper and tulle

If cardigans don’t tickle your fancy, than think tulle skirts and beaded jumpers. Practical and sweet whilst keeping her warm at the same time. You can even pair her tulle skirt with a white leotard and some sleek tights. Olivia Palermo in her 2014 wedding to Johannes Huebl rocked a cream long sleeve sweater embellished with ostrich feathers, cream shorts and white tulle skirt, by designer Carolina Herrera. She also wore cobalt blue Manolo Blahnik satin pumps to take it to the next level.


If you find yourself still worrying that your beautiful flower girls might still be cold, try and accessorise. Think white gloves with pearl details and scarves with gold trim. If you wanted to go all out, you could consider a cape for some fairy-tail whimsy. There are some lovely ones out there and I promise you she will feel every bit the Princess Elsa for the rest of the day.

Hold the Posies…..Pockets full of hand warmers

Hand warmers have only recently become a popular item since we spotted the Duchess of Sussex sharing them with some bystanders as she and Prince Harry wowed crowds shortly after announcing their engagement. If your flower girl dresses have pockets, pop these in there so they can access them easily. Alternately, disguise them in a satin pouch and attach it to their bouquet, that way they can warm up their little fingers whenever they like.

Bonus tip: Get in early to purchase or hire the winter attire, you won’t be able to find it locally in the summer! You can shop a gorgeous range of flower girl & junior bridesmaid dresses from Dress the Duchess at

What ever the temperature, there are a multitude of options and combinations out there for you to choose from.

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