choosing flower girl dress

Deciding on your Flower girl or junior bridesmaid dresses is a big decision, like many for your wedding, but we have you covered with our simple guide. Just follow the C.L.A.S.S rule and you will be on your way to choosing the right dresses for your little attendants.


COST. There's no secret that weddings can be expensive affairs, so when choosing your flower girl dresses, decide on your budget first. There is nothing more disappointing than finding your dream dress, only to discover that it's from a children's couture house in Paris and way out of your decided budget.


LOOK. After you have decided on your budget, you can start on what kind of look and style you want. If you are having a boho themed wedding, than go for a boho flower girl look. Keep with the theme or colour of your dress and flowers. There's no harm in mixing it up with a little colour for the kids. What flower girl doesn't want to rock a pink dress?! For inspiration with coloured dresses, check out our collection of coloured dresses here.


AGE. Consider the age of your Flower Girls & Junior Bridesmaids. A little 2 year old is going to find it very difficult to walk around in a floor length dress all day, and similarly, a Jr. Bridesmaid might not feel comfortable in a dress that is the same style as the 2 year old. Choose dresses to suit their age & don't be scared to mix it up either with different dresses & colours or accessories.


SIZE. This one is pretty straightforward. You need to consider the size of the child and their body shape. Choosing the correct size and fit will make a huge difference with comfort on the day. Some children can be shy with big crowds or self conscious in unfamiliar clothing, so getting the right fit for comfort will certainly help. Kids are notorious fidgeters, so the more comfortable they are, the more they can concentrate on their special duties.


SEASON. Consider what season the wedding will be in. If its a summer wedding and there's a chance it's going to be scorching hot, try to find a breathable cotton dress that you can jazz up with some gorgeous accessories and shoes. Kids run around a lot and it will make all the difference if you go for a breathable fabric that will keep them cool. For inspiration, check out our Little-White-Cotton-Dress here. Alternately, if you have set a date during the cooler months, imagine long sleeve dresses, white tights, faux-fur jackets or even a cape to keep them warm.

So whatever the season, style, or age of your little attendants, just remember C.L.A.S.S when choosing those special flower girl & junior bridesmaid dresses.